Another Eye Online Conference

Accompanying our 2020 exhibition, Another Eye: Women Refugee Photographers in Britain after 1933, these presentations covered the photographers’ work across portraiture, reportage, social documentary and architectural photography, and how the European cultural approaches that they brought with them informed British visual culture. In particular, it was considered how their experiences both as outsiders and as women shaped their practice.


11 September 2020: Session One, Another Eye Photographers

11 September 2020: Session Two, Bauhaus in Britain

12 September 2020: Session One, The Radical Eye of Edith Tudor-Hart

12 September 2020: Session Two, Sojourner Photographers

13 September 2020: Session One, From the Studio: Difference and Identity in Portraiture


The conference was organised by Four Corners and the History & Theory of Photography Research Centre, Birkbeck in association with John March and the Insiders/Outsiders Festival. It accompanied Four Corners exhibition Another Eye: Women Refugee Photographers in Britain after 1933, which run until 3 October 2020.  

The conference was generously supported by the Paul Mellon Centre.