Guest exhibition

Wed 15 May 2024 – Sat 18 May 2024


Symbiosis’ is a group exhibition exploring the relationship between image makers, the more-than-human, and alternative photographic processes.

When working with analogue and alternative photographic processes, light, water, and botanicals are harvested to expose, process, tone and transform work. During this transformation, there is dependency on non-human elements.

This exhibition considers the connections between symbiosis and alternative photography, and asks if nature is a collaborator or a commodity in alternative photography processes.

What does it mean to be in relationship with a landscape or a plant for extended periods of time – to witness the interplay between individual species within their ecosystems? What is the role of artistic testimony when witnessing symbiosis within these relationships?

Whether by process or theme, this exhibition documents interspecies relationships – including those between humans and non-humans. Photographic and momentary, they are mid-relationship – we can only guess the before and after.

How do we bear witness to symbiotic relationships between different species, alongside our responsibility to acknowledge that the true definition of symbiosis is both parasitic and mutualistic? Much like alternative photographic processes, balance and equilibrium are essential to symbiosis.

During the exhibition opening there will be a photo-scanner synth demo by Hack Modular. The synthesizer module generates sound by rapidly scanning lines across photographs. Variations between dark and light translate directly to the movement of the speaker. Slides therefore are wavetables and contain a unique set of sounds. Moving the transparency across the linear photo-scanner shifts the timbre of the sound. Scan rate equates to pitch. Lamp intensity controls dynamics.


Aindreas Scholz / Anna Kroeger / Anna Luk / Anna Lukala / Catriona Gray / Constanza Isaza Martinez / Ed Sykes / Eileen White / Eric Fong / Hayley Harrison / Heloise Bergman / Inga Tillere / Jacqui Barrowcliffe / Katrina Stamatopoulos / Ky Lewis / Laura Hindmarsh / Leanne Wiggers / Luca Ortis / Magda Kuca / Martha Gray / Megan Ringrose / Melanie King / Milena Michalski / Nettie Edwards / Paeony Lewis / Riya Panwar / Roellof Bakker / Sayako Sugawara / Sophie Sherwood / Vikki Rutter / Yasuaki Matsumoto / Zara Carpenter

Exhibition Open: Wed 15th May - Saturday 18th May 2024 11.00 -18.00. FREE

Private View: Thursday 16th May 2024 18.00 - 20.30. Photo-scanner synth demo by Hack Modular.