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Thu 25 May 2023 | 18:00 – Thu 25 May 2023

Photo Scratch

Join us for another night of documentary photography, photojournalism, feedback and socialising. We're delighted to be partnering with Photoscratch and the Fathom programme for this guest edit edition.

A night for new ideas, Photo Scratch is an opportunity for photographers to understand how their work is perceived and gain valuable insight into how to take their work further with the benefit of other people’s outside eyes. For spectators, this is an opportunity to preview projects, offer feedback, and engage in conversations about photography.

The format of the night involves a group of photographers presenting a project in an incomplete state. These photographers are selected in advance based on applications. The projects will be displayed on the walls. The audience, comprised of other photographers, friends, people within the industry and anyone with an interest in documentary photography, are then welcome to discuss the work and leave written feedback for each project or discuss the work with the photographers. The valuable written feedback is then kept by each photographer for future reference.

This event is free for all to attend, but booking is essential.

This edition will include work-in-progress from:

Lynn Dennison

Seema Khalique

Quetzal Maucci

Patricia Petersen

Dani Tagen

Giorgia Tobiolo


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