Guest exhibition

Wed 3 May 2023 – Sat 6 May 2023

Ghosts of the Arctic

An installation of photographs, artefacts and short film of collaged, taken and found film footage, audio, sound and essay. This exhibition traverses time, borders and ideologies, shaped and inspired by a residency in Svalbard during the dark less summer days and nights of the High Arctic.

The project is informed by essayistic documentary-making, hauntology, collage, memory, colonialism and psychogeography. Using photography, film, text, sound, narrative voice and found footage, these assemblages explore landscapes – real and imagined – in a time, seemingly in post-capitalist decline.

Ghosts of the Arctic traces aspects of the life and the search for the missing works of fictional artist Edward Knorr, by the fictional disappeared art critic Albert Bernstein. The journey from the Baltic states to Northeast England and onto the Russian Arctic, carrying loss, love, war and political and social turmoil into our lost imagined futures and the era of the commodification of memories.

A project that is shaped by the most important issue of our time. Referencing a land where the observer can witness glaciers melt and observe climate change as they take a breath.

Collectively, the Essay/films are authored by the anonymous Kotzebue Kollective and produced by Katka Films. 

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