Guest exhibition

Wed 22 May 2024 – Mon 27 May 2024

Beyond the Frame: Lacuna Is To Be Filled

Beyond The Frame: Lacuna Is To Be Filled, a show that explores photography as a medium to access the void, implying an exploration of the deeper, ineffable aspects of human experience that lie beyond the confines of the photographic frame. The photography installations highlight the way in which artists have been inspired by an outside-of-frame approach to photography, bridging the two-dimensional with another facet.


KAROLINA MARIA DUDEK @karolina_m_dudek

YUHONG GAN @yuhong.gan

UTA GENILKE @pik.dame


CHARLOTTE JOSEPH @cjoseph_photography

ALMUDENA ROMERO @almudena.romero

EVA STENRAM @evastenram

SONJA TRABANDT @sonjatrabandt

21-27 May 2024

Private View 21st of May


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