Film screening

Tue 26 March 2024 | 06:30 – Tue 26 March 2024

Art on the Streets

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A screening and discussion hosted by the Centre for Film and Ethics, and the Films for Peace! project, at QMUL Film.

Art on the Streets (2023) is a documentary created by design historian Dr Harriet Atkinson and filmmaker Jane Dibblin and supoprted by Four Corners. It focuses on the 1943 exhibition For Liberty, created by the anti-fascist artists’ collective, the Artists International Association. Mounted in the bombed-out John Lewis store on London’s Oxford Street, it includes work by artists Oskar Kokoschka, Peter Laszlo Peri, Betty Rea and designer F. H. K. Henrion, many of whom were refugees fleeing Nazi Europe. The film explores art’s role in providing a voice in the midst of conflict, themes which resonate today with audiences all over the world.

Intro 6.30-6.45pm

Screening 6.45-7.15pm

Discussion 7.15-8pm

Panel discussion, 7.15-8pm Guy Westwell and Grazia Ingravalle (QMUL) Harriet Atkinson (director), Jane Dibblin (director/producer) and Carla Mitchell (Four Corners)

Drinks 8-9pm