TalkFilm screening

Sat 2 July 2016 | 13:30 – Sat 2 July 2016

40 years of film in East London

Join us for a wonderful line-up of special guests and early Four Corners films this Saturday!!

This afternoon of celebration showcases films from the first ten years, alongside discussion with special guests Ron Peck, Joanna Davis, Wilf Thust, Paul Hallam and Mandy Rose.



1.30pm – Introduction

1.40pm – Joanna Davis, Mary Pat Leece, Ron Peck, Wilfried Thust, Railman, 1976, excerpt, 10 minutes

1.50pm – Joanna Davis, Mary Pat Leece, Ron Peck, Wilfried Thust, On Allotments, 1979, 31 minutes

2.20pm – Panel discussion and Q&A: Four Corners and the cultural politics of the time. With special guests Joanna Davis, Ron Peck, Wilfried Thust, Paul Hallam, Mandy Rose. 

3.00pm – Ron Peck & Paul Hallam, Nighthawks, 1978, 109 minutes / extract 20 minutes. Discussion: Ron Peck and Paul Hallam

3.30pm – Break

4.00pm – Joanna Davis & Mary Pat Leece, Bred and Born, 1983, 75 minutes / extract 30 minutes. Discussion: Joanna Davis, Mandy Rose, Bev Zalcock, Loraine Leeson.

4.50pm – Wilfried Thust, Is That It?, 1985, Parts 5 & 6, 28 minutes.
Introduction: Wilfried Thust 

5.30pm – Ruhul Amin, A Kind of English, 1986, 75 minutes / extract 20 minutes. Discussion: Paul Hallam

6.00pm – Finish