Film equipment

From Bolex cameras to quality lenses, we’ll help get your film project rolling.

Our specialist analogue equipment is used by a diverse client base of filmmakers, artists and new converts to celluloid.

Recent clients include Vice, H&M, Nike, Hunter Boots, Midnight Club, BFI Future Film Academy, Royal College of Art, Art Angel, Tate Britain, and Partizan.

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16mm film cameras

Aaton XTR Prod (Super 16mm)

£150 + VAT day | £600 + VAT week

Shooting kit includes 3 x mags, pistol grip, 15mm extension bars, short bars, batteries, charger, changing bag, choice of Zeiss 11-110mm T2.2 or Optex 11-60mm T3 zoom lenses.

Demo music video

Loading tutorial

16mm film cameras

Bolex H16 (16mm)

£60.00 + VAT day | £240 + VAT week

Spring -motor camera with three C-mount lenses (f1.4 25mm, f1.8 16mm, f2.8 75mm), 12 – 64fps, single frame and rewind.

Demo promo for Hunter

Bolex tutorial part 1

Bolex tutorial part 2

16mm film cameras

Bolex SBM (16mm)

£80.00 + VAT DAY | £320 + VAT WEEK

Spring - motor camera with Bolex bayonet mount 16 – 100mm zoom lens.