ZOOM Documentary in Lockdown - Part One

Seeking a creative outlet during lockdown, a group of 10 filmmakers and Zoom Film School alumni took part in a peer-led project to create a series of ‘lockumentaries.'

Due to social distancing, all of the films were all directed, produced, shot and edited independently.

They offer observations on locked-down life in Tower Hamlets and South London, focusing on themes such as shifting pace of life, resilience and the impact of shielding.

I Hope This Finds You Well In These Strange and Uncertain Times
dir. Allissa Tai, duration: 02:20
An experimental short that explores how we make sense of a chaotic outer world through coping rituals and habits, both good and bad.

dir. Chiho Sharp, duration: 06:10
Intimate interviews reveal what went on in children’s mind and how they coped during lockdown.

dir. Mohd M. Rahman, duration 04.10
Isolation started to transform internal spaces into our only world, the lines between dreams and reality slowly begins to blur.