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Residency exhibition FATHOM 2015

Marianne Bjornmyr, 2015

Jo Lawrence 2015

Georgia Metaxas 2015

Maria Kapajeva 2015

Elisa Noguera Lopez 2015

FATHOM 2015: work by artists in residence

  • 29 October 2015-23 January 2016
  • Opening hours 12.00–6.00pm, Tuesday–Saturday, PLEASE NOTE: we will be closed for Christmas from Saturday 19th December, reopening on Monday 4th January
  • Artists' exhibition tour: Weds 9 Dec, 6.30pm RSVP here

Marianne Bjornmyr's Your Penumbra engages with distant starscapes and galaxies, and the impossibility of ever seeing these things directly, creating stardust photograms, a dual-screen video showing the birth of a nebula, and a glass sculpture close-up view of a constellation.

Maria Kapajeva began with an unopened box of negatives in her parents house. Excavating the contents, she uncovered lost images of her father’s life through photographs taken before she was born.  With this work she explores issues of archives, images and the creation of new narratives.

Jo Lawrence's film, The Woman who owns The Sun, is a response to the strange case of Angeles Duran. This surreal animation experiments with imagery, using the concept of the ownership of the sun to explore the absurdities inherent in our idea of possession.

Georgia Metaxas researches into the possibilities offered to photography by the methods and techniques of early portraiture, through a series of experiments in silhouette production, combining the 18th Century silhouette aesthetic with today’s impression of anonymity.

Elisa Noguera Lopez investigates the autonomy of the non-human and its affective power in her work, focusing on the performative quality and fluid message of the photographic image, its ability to stimulate multi-sensorial experiences and exceed the semantic frame.


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The artists discussed their work at the FATHOM Symposium on Thursday 5 November at The Cass


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FATHOM is supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.  The exhibition is part-funded through the European Regional Development Fund as part of New Creative Markets.