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Parkour ©Jaykoe

"Sampled Space"

As global cities expand, the integration of technology and infrastructure demands greater power and resources. With these rapid developments creative processes move progressively towards digital technology. This project explores the notion of sampling in relation to city space. "A sampler, a machine that reprocesses…". The artist following the functions of the machine. With light-waves in place of sound-waves. Influenced by electronic music, Dub music, operating as a sound-system DJ. The process involved in sampling: selecting, capturing, manipulating and arranging (layering patterns). Incorporating alternative uses of city space such as free running and performative street arts. Connect with the root of this mode of working. The relational spaces and situations these alternative movements set up. Positive expressive forms such as Parkour practitioners flowing over restricted urban grid lines and prescribed barriers. or 'breakdancers' sectioning of floor-spaces of open urban places, cutting and forming dynamic interventions. Jaykoe's practice is based around drawing and tracing movements in city space.


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