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FATHOM Residency Artists 2015

Selected Artists

The FATHOM 15 artists in residence are Marianne Bjornmyr, Maria Kapajeva, Jo Lawrence, Georgia Metaxas, and Elisa Noguera Lopez

Each artist has been awarded a 2-month Production residency this year.  The June FATHOM FORUM event showcased work in progress by the artists, who explored their approaches to their residency projects with audience discussion. 

Forthcoming dates

  • FATHOM exhibition launch - 28 October 2015
  • FATHOM Symposium - 5 November 2015 at The Cass

FATHOM is a two-year residency programme for London-based artists working in film and photography, developed to meet an identified gap in support for artists to create new work.  From 2014-2015, ten artists will be supported by mentoring, equipment funding, access to facilities, space and skills development.  The programme includes work-in-progress events and talks, an annual exhibition and Symposium event with The Cass. 

Each artist has been awarded a two-month Production residency this year. 


Marianne Bjornmyr presents You Are My Nebula. A project that takes as its foundation, the 19th Century photographer Henry Draper, the Nebula, and the pitfalls of the human eye. Through a variety of experiments on the physicality of the photograph’s emerging Bjornmyr aims to encourage the viewer to reflect on our mutual perception and understanding of the photograph’s relationship with the depicted objects.


Maria Kapajeva began her residency with a box, a box that had previously sat unopened. During her time at Four Corners Kapajeva has excavated the contents, delving deeper into the lost images of her father’s life. Interested in the idealized imagery of our parents and how that perception changes as we grow from a small child to an adult, Kapajeva presents My Father’s Box and My Mother’s Hands.


Jo Lawrence displays an animated film in response to the strange case of Angeles Duran, The Woman who owns The Sun. Through multiple techniques Lawrence presents the surreal in animated form, experimenting with film, photography and constructed paper.


Georgia Metaxas displays her research into the possibilities offered to photography by the methods and techniques of early portraiture, through a series of experiments in silhouette production, combining the 18th Century silhouette aesthetic with today’s impression of anonymity.


Elisa Noguera Lopez investigates the autonomy of the non-human and its affective power in her work Animism: An enquiry into materialism and photography. In her work Lopez focuses on the performative quality and fluid message of the photographic image, its ability to stimulate multi-sensorial experiences and exceed the semantic frame.


The programme is supported through the Arts Council’s Grants for the Arts programme, and the final exhibition is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund as part of New Creative Markets.


Residencies were awarded through an application process, with short-listed candidates interviewed by an external panel of advisors Laura Noble (LA Noble Gallery), Christiane Monarchi (Editor of Photomonitor), and artist Roz Mortimer alongside Four Corners' staff.

Further details contact: Owen, Dave or Carla at Four Corners: 020 8981 6111 or info@fourcornersfilm.co.uk

Marianne Bjornmyr, 2015

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